Like Perihelion, Trumpet was one of the more elaborate Science Fiction/Fantasy fanzines of the 1960s. Creator Tom Reamy had been part of the Texas DIY publishing scene since the 1950s when he published a zine called Crifanac. Instead of producing Trumpet through inexpensive reproduction methods (like mimeograph), Reamy used comparatively costly lithograph printing so that he could include more visually ambitious elements. He included intricate illustrations, comics, and (for several issues) full color covers. Trumpet featured work by artists such as Vaughn Bode, D. Bruce Berry, Gilbert Shelton, Stephen Fabian, Berni Wrightson, and Hannes Bok. Shelton and Bode were both known for their contributions to the 60s-70s underground comix community. Reamy produced Trumpet from 1965-1969.