Light was a long-running Canadian fanzine published by dedicated Science Fiction fan Leslie Croutch. He began to self-publish fanzines in the 1930s from his home in Parry Sound, Ontario. Croutch initially used a hectograph to produce 5-10 copies of each issue. He switched to mimeograph in 1942 and increased his print runs. His first creation, Croutch Magazine Mart News is recognized as the second Canadian fanzine. The first issue of Light appeared in 1941 and the publication continued for three decades. An avid self-publisher who stated that he had mimeo ink in his veins, Croutch produced 175 issues in ~276 months. Light provided a way for Croutch to share his interests with likeminded individuals; the issues often included pieces of Croutch's own SF-related creative and critical writing.