Yandro was a long-running Science Fiction fanzine that was published without significant interruption from 1953 until 1985. It began life as a newsletter for the Eastern Indiana Science Fiction Association (EISFA). Throughout much of its lifespan, Yandro was co-edited by the husband and wife team of Robert "Buck" Coulson and Juanita Coulson. It was produced by mimeograph with a print run of approx. 150 per issue. It was well-received in fan circles and was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine yearly from 1958 to 1967. It won the 1965 Hugo, making Juanita Coulson the first woman to win a major award within the SF fan community. Yandro's content was largely comprised of fiction and reviews. It also contained drawings, one-panel comics, and memorable editorials that often provided insights into the lives of the Coulsons.